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Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

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  • Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

    Hi folks,

    You may have read in my "Introduction" thread I'm a volunteer researcher in the Museum of Transport in Glasgow, Scotland, currently working on building up an information file on the "Antartic Arrol Johnston" car.

    I have been doing this project on and off over the last few years, nothing too involved, just enough to produce a growing information file for use by the Curators in the museum.
    However one of the mysteries, for me at least, is what happened to the vehicle, did it survive or is it lying buried in the ice somewhere near Shackletons camp, or what? I'm aware there are bits of the vehicle either in museums (perhaps now returned) or still at the camp - but does anybody here know different?

    Likewise, if you would be willing to share with me anything you know yourself regarding this remarkable vehicle I would very much appreciate it - every little bit helps.

    Many thanks for your time, Argyll.

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    Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

    Hi Argyll,

    There's at least one bit of it left in Antarctica:

    Tthe commentry says that it was "returned home", but that may just be an assumption? My guess is that it more likely to have been removed as there is a lot of stuff left around the huts and there is no trace of it.

    The later "traditional" way of disposing of rubbish was to take it out to sea and leave it on an ice-floe to disappear when the ice broke out. This fate may have befallen this car, but I suspect it is unlikely.

    Interesting to hear if it is at least semi-intact anywhere.


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      Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

      Thank you Paul - that photograph is the most detailed one I've seen yet. I'm almost scared to mention this as it shows what a "rivet counter" I've become - its a front wheel.

      And how do I come to that conclusion - I know front wheels had 10 spokes and rears had 12. What I didn't know was the wheel(s) had a metal inner & outer bands - I live & learn!

      Registering on your site has already proved itself to have been a worthwhile exercise - thank you.


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        Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?


        I've PM'd you on this query.




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          Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

          Thanks Mike - I'll reply to you over the weekend.


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            Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

            It's been a while since I added anything here, however the search continues -

            I've been following a positive lead found in a newspaper of the period that has raised more questions than answers, however if I can tie the article's information down then I might be a wee bit closer to uncovering the mystery of exactly what happened to the AJ.

            Time will tell!



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              Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

              I'm still out there hunting information on this car - which now appears may have been returned to the mainland.

              However I've only discovered one written reference to this fact; I need to have another independent source before I would accept it as being reasonably accurate enough to be included into my research work.

              The search continues ...............................


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                Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

                It's not a quick process is it?!

                It'd be great if it turned up in a barn or forgotten garage somewhere - I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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                  Re: Antarctic Arrol Johnston?

                  You better believe it Paul!

                  However, not that this has got anything to do with the car, its my "other" passion, I got sent this from a friend in the US this morning - Century Old Scotch Pulled from Antarctic Ice

                  Might be a wee bit too chilled for me.