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That really takes the biscuit! 104-year-old Shackleton snack set to fetch £1,500 at auction A single, 104-year-old biscuit from explorer Ernest Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica is being tipped to sell for a £1,500. Sept 2011

Giant crabs make Antarctic leap. King crabs have been found on the edge of Antarctica, probably as a result of warming in the region, scientists say. Writing in the journal Proceedings B, scientists report a large, reproductive population of crabs in the Palmer Deep, a basin cut in the continental shelf. Sept 7th 2011

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Vostok station (Russia) at the Southern Geomagnetic Pole. Close to the Pole of Inaccessibility.

Amundsen Scott station (USA) at the South Pole

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Shackleton's Whisky uncovered in Antarctica  Five crates of whisky and brandy have been recovered from a hut built during the Shackleton-led Antarctica 7th Feb 2010

A gallery of images from Capt Robert Scott's Antarctic expedition Rarely-seen photographs from Captain Robert F Scott's ill-fated expedition to the South Pole can be seen in an online exhibition from 4 March. Feb 20th 2009

UK considered quitting Antarctica Britain considered closing its bases in Antarctica in the 1950s due to the high costs of maintaining them and aggressive territorial claims from Chile and Argentina, previously secret papers showed on Monday.  Feb 4, 2008

Survivor recalls Antarctic rescue  Woman whose ship sank off the coast of Antarctica unsure if she will go on a cruise again. Nov 28 2007

Cruise of a lifetime ends with passengers adrift in icy waters off coast of Antarctica  Iceberg blamed for holing MV Explorer, All passengers rescued. Nov 24, 2007

Britain to claim more than 1m sq km of Antarctica The United Kingdom is planning to claim sovereign rights over a vast area of the remote seabed off Antarctica, Move would extend UK oil, gas and mineral rights. Oct 17, 2007

Polar explorers need more psychological preparation: Anyone who wants to explore the Arctic and Antarctica will need more than just physical fitness to brave the elements. A new study suggests they need also to be psychologically fit to spend time in such harsh, remote regions. July 31, 2007

Fire destroys Argentina's only school on Antarctica research base  A fire destroyed the only schoolhouse on an Argentine research base in Antarctica, the base's director told a local television station on Monday. The facility was closed for winter break and no injuries were reported. July 30 2007

Hillary calls on Britain to help preserve Antarctica huts  Sir Edmund Hillary says Britain should step in to help preserve historic huts in Antarctica that its own famous explorers established more than 100 years ago. Buildings and artefacts need urgent conservation work. 22nd Jan 2007

Canadian, British explorers reach Antarctica's Pole of Inaccessibility  Dragging 120-kilogram (264-pound) sleds, the team travelled more than 1,700 kilometres (1,056 miles) on foot or by kite ski to reach Antarctica's Pole of Inaccessibility - the furthest point from any ocean - on Jan. 19. The team were surprised to find a bust of Vladimir Lenin erected by the Soviets nearly half a century ago still standing amid the ice. 22nd Jan 2007

Environment groups lobby against U.S. ice highway across Antarctica  Treaty nations to ask the United States to reconsider its 1,632-kilometer (1,020-mile) ''ice highway'' to the South Pole, constructed to bolster scientific study. 3rd June 2006

Rescuers Search for Missing Argentines  Four army commandos on skis dropped by helicopter Tuesday onto an Antarctic glacier to search for two Argentine men who plunged into a deep ice crevasse in a weekend snowmobiling accident.  Sept 20, 2005

Futuristic design wins competition for new Antarctic Research Station  A futuristic design by Faber Maunsell and Hugh Broughton Architects has won the competition for the new British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Halley Research Station. 19 Jul 2005

Damage shocks hut restorers in Antarctica Captain Scott's historic Terra Nova Hut in Antarctica has been badly hit by floods, says the trust working to conserve the largest of the "heroic era" huts on the frozen continent. Feb 7th 2005

Sir Ed blasts road to pole  ... who drove every one of the 2011 kilometres from Scott Base to the South Pole on a tractor, is appalled the United States is building a road across Antarctica. ...  26th Nov 2004

'Ice highway' may conquer last frontier.  Six Americans have just ended a second year of what looks like an impossible mission -- carving out a road to the South Pole. 12th April 2004

Lynne Cox, becomes the first person to swim a mile in the near-freezing Antarctic Ocean. Jan 25th 2004

Pilot stranded in Antarctica reaches New Zealand December 15th 2003. An Australian who became the first pilot to fly solo over the South Pole in a homemade plane has flown back to New Zealand after being stranded in Antarctica for six days without fuel

Cold mountain  Thomas Keneally travels on the Kapitan Khlebnikov to return a biscuit to Antarctica. I first went to Antarctica in 1968, for somewhat under a fortnight. In those days one could visit the continent only as a member of an official group, and the American ambassador in Canberra, Bill Crook, a noble soul who would later give his life to a di...

Freezing their pants off for an NVQ  September 30 2003  The wildest ideas strike at the most banal moments. Steve Bull was taking his dog, Otto, for a post-Christmas lollop in the park when it struck him that 34 was the perfect age to ski to the South Pole, and that it would be good for some of his students t...

Big business looks to clean up by cleaning up the South Pole February 02 2003. It is no accident that the brains behind one of the most ambitious corporate social responsibility projects around - to clean up Antarctica - were those of a marketing man.

Email from Deception Island  February 24 2003.  It's surprisingly hard to find a quiet spot in Antarctica - especially with 26 teenage travelling companions. And above their chatter, dozens of seals bellow, tens of thousands of penguins socialise and huge walls of ice crack off the ice shelf into the ...

Antarctic hero Oates 'fathered child with girl of 12'  October 14 2002.  The antarctic hero Captain Laurence Oates found time to sow scandalous wild oats before his noble act in leaving a tent in 1912, according to freshly disclosed evidence  

Sorry, I'm off  December 20 2001.  Amy was two when I left home. Ben was five. When I get back she will be three and Ben will be six.

Thaw puts hazards in the path of Scott's successors  November 17 2001. It is as big as Europe and the mainland US combined. It contains 90% of the planet's snow and ice. No human stepped ashore before the 20th century.

Frozen frontier  November 20 2001.  The icy chill has become a full-scale blizzard. For in the past few months the Antarctic, which has always had a niche in the collective imagination, has spread across the cultural landscape like an avalanche.

Polar hero inspires explorers and stars  September 02 2001. A new race for the South Pole is under way. But this time Hollywood stars Russell Crowe and Kenneth Branagh, rather than Scott and Shackleton, are leading rival missions to capitalise on our growing fascination with epic adventures on the ice floes.

It's the coldest, most isolated continent on earth. Why would anyone want to work there? August 06 2001.  "Antarctica, the coldest, most exhilarating and isolated continent in the world, offers exceptional challenges. We rely on motivated steel/mast erectors and fabricators to maintain buildings and facilities that support vital scientific investigations in ...

Antarctic Symphony  May 08 2001. Peter Maxwell Davies's eighth, and he says last, symphony has had more advance publicity than the other seven put together. It was commissioned by the British Antarctic Survey, as a sequel to Vaughan Williams's Sinfonia Antarctica, with the condition that...

Dark days lie ahead for our happy little band April 19 2001.  The last ship of the season has left; the next will not be here until December. We have in prospect eight months of solitude, clinging to the edge of the world's coldest, remotest continent.



Clinton urges controls on Antarctic tourism U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday urged tighter controls on cruise ships and tourists in Antarctica to prevent further environmental damage to the fragile region. Apr 6th, 2009

Cruise ship taking on water in Antarctica  A cruise ship is aground and taking on water in the Antarctic.  The Argentina-based Ciudad de Ushuaia, carrying 122 people including 89 passengers, ran aground near Cape Anna on Thursday. Dec 5th 2008

Historic Antarctica Landing Could Change Research Landscape  The flight was made by a pilot wearing night-vision goggles, suggesting that travel to and from the icy continent is possible even during sun-starved winters.  Sept 16, 2008

Antarctic cruise ship spill small, but left impact Company in accident says no spill seen, but scientist says fuel detected. A Norwegian cruise ship that ran aground on a remote Antarctic island leaked between 130-200 gallons of diesel oil but it is not known if the spill will have any effect on the fragile environment, February 2nd 2007

Calls for regulation of rising Antarctica tourism  While walking beside the ruins of an old whaling station at this popular tourist stop, a unique aspect of visiting Antarctica is immediately apparent. There are no authorities like park rangers around to keep an eye on things. 8th October 2006

Tourists a threat to Antarctica  scientists say numbers have quadrupled, concerns include non-native species. Cruise ship traffic to Antarctica has increased in recent years. 12th June 2006

Japan seeks to hunt more whales in Antarctica   Challenging the anti-whaling movement at an acrimonious global conference, Japan proposed hunting nearly 3,000 Minke whales a year in the ... 20th July 2004

Antarctica's newest pests: Tourists. They pose threat to fragile ecosystem, say scientists. For scientists, the Antarctica is a deep freeze that may hold priceless scientific secrets. For intrepid tourists, the icy continent is just a cool place to visit. 12th April 2004

Antarctica threatened by 'gold rush' Some of the world's harshest environments could be under threat from a 21st century "gold rush" by research scientists, the United Nations will warn today. Feb 2nd 2004

No, not a ski resort - it's the south pole  January 24 2003.  'Great God! This is an awful place," wrote Captain Robert Falcon Scott when he reached the south pole on January 17 1912. Tom Avery, a 27-year-old finance director with a ski company, had a similar reaction when he reached the pole at the end of Decembe...

Explorers or boys messing about? Either way, taxpayer gets rescue bill  January 28 2003.  Their last expedition ended in farce when the Russians threatened to send in military planes to intercept them as they tried to cross into Siberia via the icebound Bering Strait.

Deep waters July 4th 2002.  My hands are frozen to the wheel, I'm wedged into the cockpit at an angle of 45 degrees and my shoulders ache. I've been on watch for 20 minutes. One hour and 40 minutes to go.

The cost of...  November 18 2001.  If you were taken aback by November's cold snap, don't go to Antarctica because, even though it's spring on the Last Continent, it is considerably chillier. However, although there won't be much mistletoe or wine, 'tis the season for adventures to the So...

Go with the floes  July 14 2001.  The Orcas formed a line against us. Five mighty heads appeared above the surface, steam rising from their blow holes. They mustered an organised defence unlike anything any of us had ever seen.


Australia warns Japan over whaling  Australia warned Japan that "diplomacy comes to an end this year" on whaling, after presenting a bold plan to phase out the controversial hunts in the Southern Ocean 26th Feb 2010

Rare whale gathering sighted  A large group of a rarely sighted, mysterious species of whale has been seen off the coast of Antarctica. Approximately 60 Arnoux's beaked whales were seen and photographed frolicking on the surface in the Gerlache Strait. 4th Nov 2009

Migrating blue whales rediscover 'forgotten' waters Blue whales have begun reappearing in Pacific waters off the coast of Canada and Alaska for the first time since whaling ceased in 1965. 12th May 2009

Sea Shepherd ready to clash with Japanese whalers  Sea Shepherd prepared for confrontation as whaling season begins (AM) The Australian Government is calling for restraint as Japanese whalers and protesters prepare for a confrontation in the Southern Ocean. Nov 8th 2008

Researchers Find Abrupt Shift in Diet of Adelie Penguins in Antarctica  If you are what you eat, then Adelie penguins aren't what they used to be. An abrupt shift in the eating habits of Adelies in Antarctica, starting about 200 years ago. has been discovered. July 31 2007

Greenpeace fights sea battle with rival anti-whaling ship A battle for what is being called "the high moral wave" was last night being fought off the wild coast of Antarctica as the world's two leading international marine protection groups fought each other over which would stop the Japanese whaling fleet. January 2, 2006

Whale count wrong, DNA study reveals  July 25 2003  Two centuries of commercial whaling may have reduced whale numbers to one-hundredth of the original population, according to research

Japan denounces whale conservation vote June 17 2003 Hunted to the brink of extinction, their relentless slaughter became the first great symbol of the overexploitation of the earth's resources

Whaling walkout by Japan June 18 2003

Look - but please don't touch  June 05 2003.  Asbjorn Bjorgvinsson confesses that his heart still gives an extra beat when he sees a whale. "They're so majestic. You're scanning the horizon and then without any warning one slides out of the water right beside you.

Whaling May 21, 2002 With an end to the ban on hunting in sight, whales have a reason to be worried. Read our web guide for all you need to know about Onomi, Abura-sunoko and much more besides   

Japanese branch outrages WWF with whaling plea  April 02 2002.  In any event it has handed a major propaganda coup to the Japanese ministry of fisheries, which will host the International Whaling Commission meeting later this month in Shimonoseki, the home of the Japanese whaling industry.

Whale farm is Japan's big new idea   January 14 2002.  A Japanese city is planning to farm whales in a bay 620 miles south-west of Tokyo, to entertain tourists, studying breeding behaviour and, ultimately, to supply restaurants with meat.

Whale of a time  September 20 2001.  All modern whales, from petite porpoises to the blue behemoths of the open ocean, are so well-adapted for swimming that their ancestry among land-living mammals is almost totally obscure. So much so that even George Gaylord Simpson, the greatest authorit...

Stop blubbering September 09 2001.  The little, red, bloodless strips of flesh seem so innocuous. Layered, one on top of each other, with a little cress garnish on a spotless white plate, they are just a light snack. The most shocking thing is the price: at £10 a slice...


Illegal toothfish gillnet found off Antarctica  A destructive 130-kilometre long gillnet has been found deep in the ocean off Antarctica, bulging with 29 tonnes of Antarctic toothfish and a significant bycatch of skates. 6th Nov 2009

Critters galore in icy Antarctica  One of the first wildlife surveys of Antarctica's icy waters has uncovered a rich collection of marine life, rivalling the diversity of the Great Barrier Reef. February 17, 2009

Last chance for Southern Ocean 23rd January 2004.  Scientists in Australia have warned that fish piracy is damaging the Southern Ocean to such an extent that time is running out to save it. Rewards for fish pirates far outweigh the risk of fines..

What a whopper Squid find 'is scientifically priceless'  April 03 2003.  A colossal squid caught by fishermen in Antarctic waters is the first example of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni retrieved virtually intact from the surface of the ocean, scientists claim.

Last flight of the albatross? March 08 2003. The albatross - legendary protector of seafarers - is heading for extinction. Biologists have discovered that swordfish and tuna fishing fleets are eliminating more than 100,000 of these birds every year. In a couple of decades most species will be wipe...

Penguins die in epidemic  Monday December 16th, 2002.  The most famous symbol of the Falkland Islands, the waiter-like gentoo penguin, has been hit by an unidentified malaise which has killed thousands and left many partially paralysed.

Penguin p-p-picks up a promotion August 17 2001. Norway today bestowed one of its most prestigious military honours - on a penguin.

Antarctic penguins feel the heat  May 10 2001. In the subzero world of the emperor penguin, even a hint of a warm breeze is bad news, French scientists report today.

Authorities seize rare fish cargo  April 14 2001.  Australian and South African forces have seized a fishing boat for poaching 100 tonnes of a fish so valuable it is known as "White Gold".

Antarctic Urban-Myth

Navy to help with tottering penguins November 02 2000. For years the mystery of the wobbling South Atlantic penguins has puzzled scientists and ornithologists alike. As military helicopters and planes fly overhead, the transfixed birds lean further and further back until they topple over.

Official - penguins don't topple over February 02 2001. Good news for king penguins: the Royal Navy mission sent to Antarctica to investigate whether they fall on their backs when aircraft pass overhead has completed its rigorous experiments.

Comment - (Paul Ward, webmaster Cool Antarctica) - I first learned the story of toppling penguins when I arrived on the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands in 1985. As a zoologist It struck me as a particularly unconvincing tale, and when I didn't fall for it (no pun intended) I was told that it was a story that was told to "newbies" to fool them. There was even an elaboration of the original story whereby servicemen would take it in turns to go out in squads and pick the penguins back up again as if they were so many stranded tortoises.

I suspect the fact that this became "news" was a result of the prank reaching the ears of some-one who should have known better and who took it rather too seriously - it was never an issue amongst the biologists who worked with penguins and who just dismissed the story for the obvious fiction it always was.

There is however a more serious side to this in that penguin colonies can be disrupted to the point where eggs or chicks may be abandoned if they are over flown by aircraft (particularly helicopters) at low altitude.


Ozone hole over Antarctica covered area size of North America
The ozone hole over Antarctica covered an area as big as North America at its peak in September, according to the latest figures. Nov 4th 2008

Catching the Wind in Antarctica
Belgium's new Antarctic station, Princess Elisabeth, will be powered in part by nine small wind turbines. On six continents, wind energy is struggling to compete with fossil fuels. But in Antarctica, wind is carving out a big role. Nov 4th 2008

Warmer Antarctica Shows Climate Changing on Every Continent
It's official: The South Pole is also succumbing to human-induced climate change. Oct 31st 2008

''Glass Tulips,'' Huge Worms Found in Antarctica Standing in fields like poppies these tunicates are actually animals. Feb 20th 2008

Lonely observatory in Antarctica looks to stars  Newly installed telescopes robotically survey the skies  Feb 13th 2008

2007 Antarctic Ozone Hole Smaller But Not Recovering  The Antarctic ozone hole this year is relatively small, but its size is not a sign of ozone recovery. The smaller size of the ozone hole is related to the mild temperatures in the Antarctic stratosphere during the 2007 southern hemispheric winter. Oct 19, 2007

NASA Finds Vast Regions of West Antarctica Melted in Recent Past A team of scientists has found clear evidence that extensive areas of snow melted in west Antarctica in January 2005.  May 15, 2007

Deep Antarctic waters reveal hundreds of new species Researchers have found more than 700 previously unknown creatures including carnivorous sponges, free-swimming worms, crustaceans and molluscs in the cold, dark water around Antarctica.  May 17, 2007

Arctic ocean may lose all its ice by 2040, disrupting global weather  Scientists say Europe may face intensified storms. Retreating Antarctic glaciers threaten sea levels Rapidly thinning Arctic sea ice may have reached a tipping point that threatens to disrupt global weather patterns, bringing intense winter storms and heavier rainfall to western Europe, March 16, 2007

International Polar Year Launched in the UK Feb 26th  The largest polar research programme for 50 years gets under way this week.  International Polar Year (IPY) will see thousands of scientists, from more than 60 nations, working together on 220 projects at high latitudes. IPY Site

Fossil fuel and land use behind CO2 rise The first volume of the fourth assessment report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been almost three years in the writing and brings together the work of 600 writers from 40 countries. February 2nd 2007

Ozone hole bigger and bigger  This year's ozone hole over Antarctica, which has been declared by scientists in the US as the biggest and deepest on record. "From September 21 to 30, the average area of the ozone hole was the largest ever observed, at 10.6 million square miles (27.4 square kilometres)," 20th October 2006

Giant crater may lie under Antarctic ice  A huge potential crater has been discovered in Antarctica via gravity measurements from space. .... the huge meteorite that may have caused it prompted the biggest mass extinction in the Earth's history and caused the break up of an early super continent, spawning Australia. 2nd June 2006

Salt and dust help unravel past climate change Tiny amounts of salt and dust trapped in the Antarctic ice sheet for the last 740,000 years shed new light on changes to the Earth's climate. 23 Mar 2006

CO2 'highest for 650,000 years'  Current levels of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere are higher now than at any time in the past 650,000 years. Nov 24 2005

Antarctic ozone hole growing Ozone layer may take decades to mend  The winter hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica appears to have grown from last year August 23, 2005

Rare volcanic eruption on ice-covered Sandwich island  picture British territory is expanding rapidly in the South Atlantic, thanks to this eruption on Mount Belinda. Nov 23 2005

East Antarctica puts on weight  Increased snowfall could slow sea-level rise.  East Antarctica may be piling on the pounds, but glaciers in the west are accelerating into the ocean.  19th May 2005

900,000-year-old ice may destroy US case on Kyoto  An Italian expedition to the Antarctic has taken a sample of ice which is more than 900,000 years old and could give scientists evidence of past climate changes which would discredit global warming doubters. April 23, 2005

Carbon dioxide role in past climate revealed  Researchers at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the University of California, Santa Cruz have discovered that Earth's last great global warming period, 3 million years ago, may have been caused by levels of CO2 in the atmosphere similar to today's. 11 Apr 2005

Antarctic's ice 'melting faster'  A team of UK researchers claims to have new evidence that global warming is melting the ice in Antarctica faster than had previously been thought.  2nd Feb 2005

Grass flourishes in warmer Antarctic  Grass has become established in Antarctica for the first time, showing the continent is warming to temperatures unseen for 10,000 years. Dec 26th 2004

Piece of Mars lands in Antarctica A new Martian meteorite has been discovered in Antarctica, the US space agency has announced. An Antarctic Search for Meteorites... 21st July 2004

Oldest Antarctic ice core reveals climate history Secrets of the Earth's past climate locked in a three-kilometre long Antarctic ice core are revealed. 9th June     2004

New Dinosaur Species Dug Up In Antarctica  Against incredible odds, researchers working in separate sites, thousands of miles apart in Antarctica have found what they believe are the fossilized remains of two species of dinosaurs previously unknown to science. 1st March 2004

Warming warning for Antarctica  September 09 2003  The face of Antarctica will change in the next 100 years as ice melts, glaciers retreat, penguins move south and green plants begin to colonise bare rocks of the Antarctic peninsula, researchers warned yesterday.

Solar contribution to 'global warming' predicted to decrease  1 October 2003  New research on the sun's contribution to global warming is reported in this month's Astronomy & Geophysics. By looking at solar activity over the last 11,000 years, British Antarctic Survey (BAS) astrophysicist, Mark Clilverd, predicts that the sun's contribution to warming the Earth will reduce slightly over the next 100 years.

Ozone hole over Antarctica shrinks  The ozone hole over Antarctica is markedly smaller this year than in the last few years and has split in two, government scientists reported...

Sea change threatens Antarctic life  September 10 2002.  Sensitive Antarctic species including giant sea spiders, huge submarine relatives of the woodlouse and sea gooseberries the size of footballs could perish as Southern ocean waters warm by 2-3C (3.6-5.4F) in the next century,

Fatal attraction  July 4th 2002.  The Earth could be about to turn upside down. The planet's magnetic field is showing signs of wanting to make a gigantic somersault, so that magnetic north heads towards Antarctica, and magnetic south goes north. Compasses will point the wrong way, and ...

A world of fire or ice? March 21 2002.  With global warming dominating the climate change debate, it is surprising to think that just a few decades ago, all the talk was of a new ice age. To many, this is simply another example of scientists doing a U-turn. In fact, nothing much has changed.

Robot submarine reveals secret stash of key Antarctic food source under sea ice. March 5th 2002. A robot submarine expedition under the Antarctic sea ice has discovered a major food reserve in the Southern Ocean.


Giant iceberg breaks free from Antarctic in collision  An iceberg the size of Luxembourg has broken away from the Antarctic continent and is drifting towards an area of the Southern Ocean that plays a critical role in driving the world's ocean circulation - the global "conveyor belt" of circulating sea water. 27th Feb 2010 - video

Icebergs continue march north   Hundreds of icebergs are spread over a large area around Macquarie Island drifting towards New Zealand. Maps 24th Nov 2009

Past Climate Of Northern Antarctic Peninsular Informs Global Warming Debate  The seriousness of current global warming is underlined by a reconstruction of climate at Maxwell Bay in the South Shetland Islands of the Antarctic Peninsula over approximately the last 14,000 years, which appears to show that the current warming and widespread loss of glacial ice are unprecedented.  Nov 6th 2009

Global warming blamed for unstable ice shelf in Antarctica  Satellite images of Antarctica show a huge ice shelf has become unstable, with icebergs breaking off it, in the latest evidence of climate change. 29th Apr 2009

Antarctica ice bridge linking islands 'snaps'  An ice bridge linking a vast shelf of ice to two islands in Antarctica has snapped, providing the latest evidence of rapid climate change, say scientists. 5th Apr 2009

Alpine mountain range revealed beneath Antarctic ice A series of prefabricated buildings perched on stilts create a boxy but unremarkable hamlet on the Antarctic ice. What is astonishing about this research base is that it is set 500 metres above the peaks of a 3500-metre mountain range. Feb 24th 2009

Antarctic winter ice gets bigger; Arctic shrinks  The amount of sea ice around Antarctica has grown in recent Septembers in what could be an unusual side-effect of global warming, experts said. Fri Sep 12, 2008

Antarctic ice shelf - "hangs by a thread" British Antarctic Survey has captured dramatic satellite and video images of an Antarctic ice shelf that looks set to be the latest to break out from the Antarctic Peninsula. Mar 25th 2008

Antarctic glaciers surge to ocean UK scientists working in Antarctica have found some of the clearest evidence yet of instabilities in the ice of part of West Antarctica.  If the trend continues, they say, it could lead to a significant rise in global sea level.  Feb 24 2008

Alaskan storm cracks iceberg in Antarctica  A BAD storm in Alaska last October generated an ocean swell that broke apart a giant iceberg near Antarctica six days later, US researchers have reported. 3rd October 2006

Antarctic Peninsula glaciers in widespread retreat  The first comprehensive study of glaciers around the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula reveals the real impact of recent climate change. 21 Apr 2005

Iceberg takes bite out of Antarctica  Collision forces maps to be redrawn. A broad view of McMurdo Sound on April 15 reveals a chunk broken from the Drygalski ice tongue and another crack at the end of the tongue where the iceberg B-15A has hit it. 18 Apr 2005

Antarctic ice shelf retreats happened before The retreat of Antarctic ice shelves is not new according to research published this week in the journal Geology by scientists from Universities of Durham, Edinburgh and British Antarctic Survey (BAS)  23rd Feb 2005

The iceberg cometh  It's 76 miles long, 17 miles wide and contains enough water to supply the population of the UK for 60 years. Impressive? Not if you're a penguin...  Dec 15th 2004

Antarctic glaciers slipping faster into the sea  Antarctic glaciers are thinning and slipping ever faster into the sea, according to several new studies. 23rd Sept 2004

Iceberg recount clears global warming of blame  Increased numbers of large icebergs off Antarctica's coast are not necessarily due to global warming, according to US research. ... the number of icebergs have remained the same from 1978 to the 1990s.

Antarctica: Where the Ice Flows in Reverse  Scientists have discovered a hitherto unheard of phenomenon, that of a glacier flowing back on itself, reversing the direction it had been following in the last 250 years.

Antarctica sends 500 billion tonne warning of the effects of global warming March 20 2002.  An area of ice thought to weigh almost 500 billion tonnes has broken off the Antarctic continent and shattered into thousands of icebergs in one of the most dramatic examples yet of the effects of climate change.

Satellite images have revealed the collapse of Larsen B ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula fulfilling predictions made by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists. The collapse of the 3250 km2 ice shelf is the latest drama in a region of Antarctica that has experienced unprecedented warming over the last 50 years.

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