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Signy Base summer 2003 - picture courtesy Simon Coggins

FIDS, Signy Island
Base H
60°43'S, 45°36'W

occupied  - 18/03/47-13/04/96
summer only since 1996

More about Signy

Signy base in summer 1986
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Cool Antarctica holds email details for all of the people below. If you wish to email someone and there is no active email link, please  with all relevant details and we will forward it. Who runs Cool Antarctica?

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Trying to find... To use this option, fill in the registration form, but include your own name and email as a contact, requests kept online approx. 2 years.

I'm sure I did this already... every now and then I send out emails, a proportion of these bounce back as "not found", often because it was a former work email or an ISP that no longer exists, as there is no longer any way to make contact I delete the record to keep things as current as I can.

Signy- Base H
Signy 60th Anniversary held over the weekend of Reunion 14th-16th September 2007, Report

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Barry Heywood - Signy, Rothera, Halley, John Biscoe, JCR - (1962-1997)  Oundle

Don Taylor (Rothera, Halley, Signy, Faraday, South Georgia - 1984/85, 1993-2004)  Willingham, Cambs


Brian Beck (1957/58) - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada   

Ray Berry - Deception, Signy, Argentine - (1951, 52, 54)  Whitstable

Jim Stammers (1958 - 59) - Kelsall nr. Chester  



 David Allan (Spanner) Spencer- Signy Island, Deception Island - 1966 to 1969 - Blackpool  Was on Deception Island at the time of the 1969 eruption

Malcolm E.A. Bedells (Summer 1966/67) - Market Rasen Lincs

Owen Darling (1969, 1970) - Ashford , Kent   

Les Graves (1967- 70) - Low Hauxley Northumberland England,  

Harry Taylor  nic BUCK (1967 - 1969) - Oldham Gtr Manchester   Just found this site after checking up a few things. Never knew there was a Signy get-together but seen so many friends listed at your annual re-union, would love to contact some old friends even though I am now 75!!!! Paul Bregazzi, Dougie Bone, Allan spencer, Les Graves, Vaughan Spaull, and Ian Rabarts.



Chris Amos (1972 & 1973) - King's Lynn, Norfolk  Just been to the Signy 60th reunion, didn't even know about this website, what a great idea.

Les Banks-Irvine (Signy, John Biscoe - 1977-1980) - Barmouth Wales   Signy as boatman / builder, and then a years as 4th engineer on the Biscoe.

Ted Evans (summer 72/73 - South Georgia, Halley, Signy) - Yorkshire   Worked on south G slipway with Big Al.. then new base at Halley & then to Signy (genny shed base) where I broke my leg & had a nice voyage back with my leg in plaster.

Albert Hart (Summer 71/72) - Blandford, Dorset    Builder - Wintered KEP 1971

Tim Hooker (1971-74) Bristol  email 

Peter Jennings (Signy Island - 1971-1973) - Wales   I wished to confirm the names of those I shared close quarters with for between a few months and a couple of years, though the latter were not much in doubt.

Brian Kellett - "Mollusc" (1972/1973). Rhossili, Gower 

Clive Palfrey (1972, 73). Adelaide South Australia  email

Jay Rushby  (70-72) - London  email  Halley Bay/Signy Island

Paul Thorpe (1974-75) - Grimsby  email  Radio Operator

Ray Townley-Malyon (1970) - email  Glenluce. Scotland



Dennis Allsopp (1980) - email  Northampton UK,  Summer jolly merchant on Signy from Aston University. Microbiology/ecology - email available

Geoff Collett - (1984/1985)  email  Godmanchester, Cambs

Jeremy Colman (Jez) - (1989, 1990) - Perth, Western Australia   

Bob Forster (Grytviken; Signy Is. 1979-81; 1981-82) - Truro, Cornwall   

Bob Handley - (1981) Oxford email I still can't find find my blue FID shirt.

Pete Hizzett "The Admiral"- (1982-86) email  Burghead Scotland

Big Jim - Signy, Halley, Bird island, (1989-1990, 1997, 1998) email  Bristol

Tom Lachlan-Cope (1978,1979 - Halley, 1980 - Signy)  email  Cambridge

Gavin Lishman - (1981) Bourne, Lincs email

Hector MacAlister - (1988/1989) Glasgow, email  Also Husvik, South Georgia 1990-95

Conor Nolan, "Deso"- (1988), Dublin, Ireland  email

Kevin Puttock  (1987/ 1988)  Staplehurst Kent email  Would like to hear from any Signy people

Ray Stirton (Signy 79/82, Bransfield, J Biscoe) - Perth, Scotland   Just read that Bransfield was scrapped, such a sad feeling as many a fun night with Fids and crew. To anyone who might like to get in touch or send a message and to all, good luck for the future. Best time of my life ever, I cant see anything beating the time on ships and base and so great and wonderful friends. Facebook FID's page

Paul  Ward - "Hos" (1985/1986). Great Paxton, Cambridgeshire - webmaster of

Andrew Wormald - (1988 to 1991)  Dubai UAE  email



Paul Brazier - (1990/ 1991)  Bangor, North Wales  email

Matt Chalmers -  (1991/92/93)  Paris  email  Was that really 20 years ago?

Jeremy Colman (Jez) - (1989, 1990) - Perth, Western Australia   

Joe Corner (Halley, Bird Island, Signy - 2008, 2010, 2011) - Crewe Cheshire    I am from Crewe in Cheshire, and wintered at Halley in 2008, Bird Island 2010, and summered at Signy 2010/11. I was electrician on all 3 bases.

James Hurley (Big Jim and Abe) - (Signy, Halley & Bird Island - 1988-1991, 1996, 1997) - Bristol, UK   

Amanda Lynnes (Port Lockroy - 2002-2003) - Cockermouth, Cumbria  Was also at Signy 1996-2001.

Brian Mallon - (1991-92 / 1994) Glenavy, Co. Antrim 

Damon Stanwell-Smith - (1993/1994)  Greenwich, London, UK.  email  Now running a marine consultancy. Still miss the early morning view to Coronation though.

Cool Antarctica holds email details for all of the people below. If you wish to email someone and there is no active email link, please send the  to us with all relevant details and we will forward it. Who runs Cool Antarctica?

BAS Club at the BAS website

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