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OAE's - William's Field
Willy Field

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William's Field


Rowland Bliss (ASA - 1961) - Stafford,CT USA      In 1961 ASA stood for Antarctic Support Activities, It was a Seabee outfit, we were summer support based in Davisville, RI. I was stationed at Williams field. We hauled freight off the ships up to McMurdo Station. In February 1962 I broke my leg at McMurdo Station and was flown to Christchurch NZ, then to Oahu ,Trippler Army Hospital. I finally ended up in Newport Naval Hospital.

Max Johnson "Little John" (1967-1968 summer) - Terre Haute, Indiana, USA -   Kind of primitive in those days lots of drinking. I did my 19 year old share. Like to think it was a real turning point in my life. I learned how to be alone, how to make friends, how to work hard and party hard.  

Walter Magee (1964-1966) - Texas    Cook at Williams Field

John Marty Martinak (McMurdo, Williams Field 1963) -    Belle Vernon Pa. Wintered over at Williams field 1963 lived in a Jamesway

Ed North (65 - 66 W/O) - Wolcottville In.   CM 3 at the time, Willy Field summer with crash crew Wintered at the firehouse in McMurdo.

Ed Tarker "Tach" (ASA McMurdo, Williams Field, Summer support 1967,8,9) - Berlin, Pa  



Bob Arnall (71-73) - Bath, Maine 

Steve Ashinhurst (1972-1976) - Clayton, N.C.   I was with the group that repaired 129 that crashed at dome charlie & flew it back to the states.

Doug Crouse (1975-1979)  - Wildomar, Calif.  Spent 4 trips as a cook. Had a great time. I worked all the galleys the Hill, Willy Field, South Pole and Byrd Station. Looking to hear from anyone during that time.

Bill George CM2 (Williams Field /Summer, McMurdo/Winter- WO '69-70) - South Lyon, MI  Spent the summer at Williams Field in Public Works. We had the nicest hut (jamesway) on the base. Wood paneling in our lounge, separate personal cubicles for racks, and an indoor urinal in the vestibule. The cooks were always giving us a case of lobster tails because we serviced their reefers and snow melter.

Max Jarrells (1969 - 1971) - Newport News, Virginia  Line PO Maintained the yellow gear and the skiway.

Rick McKay (78-81) - Thornton, Colorado 

Steven Murray (1970-71 Williams Field McMurdo St.) - Clearlake, CA  EOCN Murray at Willy's field. I fueled the huts and pushed snow with my D-8 Dozer. I was known as a guitar player and singer that formed a 4 piece rock & country band that entertained get-togethers like the Las Vegas Night party in the helicopter hanger during the summer of 71, I have pictures I will post soon. I miss my shipmate's, EOCN "Killa", Carl Austin. EOCN Scott Hall, Starsky-Electrician, Frank Porcorney he could make great home made wine and good friend. My finest Master Chief CMC Griner in charge of operations at Williams Field.

Ray (Nodwell) Norwood ADCS Ret. (1971-1973 - McMurdo/Williams Field) - Henderson, North Carolina   VXE-6 assigned to Williams Field Power Plants. Member of Antarctic Para-rescue Team. I would love to do it all again.

Jim Rolston AT1 (1978-81) - Temecula, CA  Fantastic memories of a fantastic tour.

Leo Sunshine Superman Schumaker (McMurdo 71 72 Williams Field Winfly 72 73) - Santa Barbara CA   Greetings, stationed in McMurdo. I was an EO and did fuel king for 71-72 Summer Support. Then went to Williams Field, Winfly, 72-73. Remember Frank Porcorney from Idaho, Bill Miller, deceased, from San Jose, and Bill Williams builder. Also Delray Kerlin. Now living in Santa Barbara, Ca. Please if you would like to connect. Wish I had pictures.

Woodeye the Goodguy - Vancouver USA -   I consider my tour with VX6/VXE6 my best rewarding tour of duty in the 24Yrs. having made the Navy a Career. I was able to travel and experience places and events that most people don't get the chance to see and do. Making an open field landing on the Ice, and then taking-off with JATO is one for the books. AMHC(NAC/AWS) George P. Wood Jr.



Earl K. Austin (McMurdo, Point Mugu, Willy field - 1980-1981) - Juneau, Alaska,99802  When is the next reunion going to be, and where?

M. Davis (McM/Siple/Willy/Byrd/SP - 79/80 80/81 81/82 91 thru 96) - Vanc, WA   Construction Electrical Foreman for: Holmes & Narver / ITT / ASA

YN2 Susan Hubbard (Summer 86/87) - Poulsbo, WA   Learned of this site from the VXE6/ANTARCTICDEVRON Facebook page. My summer in Antarctica was an experience I will never forget!

Ken Jones (Willy field - 84-86) - YELM , WA

Tim Leistico (South Pole '80 / McMurdo '82 / Williams Fld Year/s 80-85) - Oakland CA   Nice to find this site.

D Scott Liberati (Willy Field 1st Lt. Div. - 1984-1985) - Mainesburg, Pa.   If I only had it to do over again. I worked the salad bar on willy field. They were talking about it in Christchurch

Frank Lightbourn (1984-1987) - Palmdale, CA    I'll never forget the ice cold milk at the CH-CH cafeteria. I also have bad memories of Dot! I was drunk....

Rick Lyons (1982-1986) - Virginia, Illinois  

Rick Morales (1979 to 1984) - Los Angeles, CA. USA  Worked at Willy Field as an AE on C-130's and also served on the Para Rescue Team during 2 of my 4 deployments down to the ice. I spent half of my time in Christchurch during two of those deployments.

Kurt Pitz (McMurdo, Willy Field, South Pole Stations - 1987-90) - New Providence PA -  Summer Support for two years, home port rep my last year.  Spent first season in Mactown as FM Radio Comm Tech, second season spent time at Willy and South Pole as Radar Technician, also was at Byrd Surface camp for repairs.  Love to touch base with any other folks from my time.

Rocky Wrather (79-83 and 86-89) - Valrico/ Tampa Fl.  I didn't get enough the first time around. On the recovery crew of 321. Nose ski repair at Star shot Glacier, Repair broken nose gear at Pole station. So I had to come back for more Antarctic abuse. I loved every second I was there. Had some great guys working with me. Robert Vinas. Jim Gas., Keith. Loab, Chris Foy, Troy Antill. And a bunch of others to many to add. I Retired in 92 at Whidby Island. Hope to see you all at the reunion in Ky.



Dave "Moose" Rothchild (1990-1992) - Cleveland, Ohio, USA 

Shane (Willie Field - 1991) - St. George UT 

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Memories of Antarctica

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