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A view of the north side of Ellsworth Station shortly after its construction, March 1957
Photo Dr. John C. Behrendt - NSF

Seabees in Antarctica -
Ellsworth, Byrd, Hallet, McMurdo, South Pole Stations

Ellsworth Station at the end of its first winter, August 1957
Photo Dr. John C. Behrendt - NSF
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Trying to find...
To use this option, fill in the registration form, but include your own name and email as a contact, requests kept online approx. 2 years.

Alexander Ronnie Chaeplin 1967-69 This was my Dad and he passed away in 2007. I have some pics from his time in Antarctica. He was a Seabee and was an electrician. His anniversary is coming up in a few days and was hoping that someone might be able to give me some more info on my Dad that I can share with my son who is currently learning about Antarctica in school. Thanks, Bernadette - Shirley NY -   Feb '15

Ellsworth station, 1956-1957. My father, Matthew J Brennan, was chief meteorologist at Ellsworth station during the IGY. Sadly, he has passed away, but my children and I would love to hear stories about his time in Antarctica. Thank you. Patricia T Brennan, Valley Forge PA  Jun '13

Looking for Mike Smith...a builder with CBU201 during late '60's (1968-69). He was from Birmingham, AL. We went to Builder's A School Apr-June '68. Any contact information greatly appreciated. Tom Nolen, Festus MO. 636 346 6896   May '14

Sea Bees in Antarctica

Bronze Navy Seabees Seal or Flag Holder

6" diameter - from $39 - Nebraska Seabees
Jim Affeldt (McMurdo / Pole / Hallet / Vostok - 1968/69 72/73 75/76) - Rock Stream New York    I worked in the McMurdo fabrication shop. Did repairs at the Pole & Hallet. Drank with the Russians at Vostok.

Tom Barba (MCB 71 - 1973-75) - Lake Wales, Florida   The ice was a remarkable experience.

Dave Bernier (MCB-1 - 1956-1957)  Surprise, AZ  I was with the Seabees & helped. built Ellsworth Station I would like to see some pictures of the base because I lost all of mine.

Rowland Bliss (ASA - 1961) - Stafford, CT USA      In 1961 ASA stood for Antarctic Support Activities, It was a Seabee outfit, we were summer support based in Davisville, RI. I was stationed at Williams field. We hauled freight off the ships up to McMurdo Station. In February 1962 I broke my leg at McMurdo Station and was flown to Christchurch NZ, then to Oahu ,Trippler Army Hospital. I finally ended up in Newport Naval Hospital.

Ronald Cervania (1988) - Corpus Christi, TX  I was with the 33rd winter over crew (1988) and the youngest Seabees at that time, 18 yrs old. Just curious to what happen with rest the of the crew that year.

Barry Gibbs (CBU 201 - Summer '67/'68 & '68/'69) - Averill Park, New York  

Earl Griffith - Griff (McMurdo, Beardmore, Hallett - 1970-1973) - Helena, Montana   I was assigned to the firehouse gang at McMurdo for a couple of months until I made grade to AG-3, then on to Beardmore Glacier to take weather obs. Finally got sent to Hallett in Jan 71 and spent the next two seasons there. We closed the station in Feb 73. Capt. Van Reeth allowed me to keep the last American flag that flew over the station while still an active US Navy base. The Ice was the best damn tour in the Navy. Good people, good friends.

Rick Mathieu (Hallett, McMurdo - 1970/1971/1972) - Loudon, TN USA  1970/71 Station electrician at Hallett Station. 1971/1972 Electrician at McMurdo, Penguin Power and Light. EM3. Looking for Hallett Station team members in the summer of 70/71: Vic Nordmann, Al Koeplin, Tom Boggs, Walt Miniard, Dave Pruden or Chief Floyd Stevenson. Also field team leader and great guy EO Sr. Chief Dick Edgerton. Others, Rich Belfari from NYC, Sid Levine from West Haven CT.

David O. Hart (USNMCB-1 DET ROMEO 1961-62) - Oregon, Ohio    Summer support at New Byrd Station, last phase of construction. Good duty never regretted going to the ice.

Mike Johnson (82/83 - WO) - Milwaukee, WI    USN-Retired MR1(SW) 1983 W/O crew. Arrived 10/5/1982, departed 10/5/1983. Worked for the Seebee's Transportation Dept. as the assigned machinist. Would love to hear from anyone who was stationed at McMurdo during this time.

Jim Igor Kaelin (McMurdo & Willie Field - Winterover 1977) - Park Hills, KY    CM2 Spent the summer at Willie Field and the winter in McMurdo. Had a great time on the "Ice" and met made friends with some great people.

Bob Manke (Red) UT2 (Byrd Nov '59 - Dec '60) - Pendleton, NY USA  Is there any other Seabees or other naval people from those years still around?

Clyde McCauley (Ellsworth station - 1957-58) - Key West FL  Spent many days shoveling snow for drinking, cooking, bathing. Did my share of mess duties, Working on D-4, D-8. Helped replace broken track on D-8 with Walt Davis, and my fingers still don't like cold weather. name is on a small rock (over 1,000 m high) over there. Would do it again. Great group of people. Loved to use Ham gear to talk to the outside world during the long dark winter.

Robert J. Moffat "Bob" (Ellsworth Station- McMurdo - 1/58-3/59 10/65-10/66) - Meridian, Id. USA    Had a good time at Ellsworth. I WAS A CE1 at the time. There were 6 Seabees as part of the crew, with a Ensign CEC officer in charge. A Navy Lt. was the OIC, Lt Paul Tidd. He was the the helo pilot. There were 30 Navy personnel, supporting 10 civilians. When we departed in March of 59 The station was turned over to the Argentine Navy.

Leo Murawski (w/o 76/77) - Retired - Vernon, FL    

CUCM Johnnie Nash (Mc Murdo, Sea Bees - arrived 1974, left 1975) - North Charleston, SC

Willie M. Neely (ASA - Byrd station 1963/64) - Algood, Tn. USA   

Vic Nordmann (McMurdo, Hallett, 1969-70-71), UT2 - Louisville, Kentucky

Mike St. Pierre (McMurdo / New Byrd, 59 / 60 / 61)   Hernando, FL. I was sent to Davisville right out of high school. The unit then was MCB special. I had no idea it was operation Deep Freeze. I spent the first summer at McMurdo, and the second at Byrd building the New Byrd.

Rich Spatz (McMurdo & Longwire, 1967-1968) - Pleasant Hill, California  USARP W/O McMurdo 1968 spent the summer of 1967 at Byrd sub-station Longwire

William (Bill) Sumrall (Ellsworth Base 1957) - Sherman, Texas 

Ed Tarker (Antarctic Support Activities - 1967) - Berlin, Pa., USA   

P.B. Unger (mcb special detbravo - 1957) - Melbourne Fl USA    Looking for contacts wintering over LAV

Curtis Wicker (Seabee - '90) - Gulf shores, Al   

Thom Wilborn (Antarctic Support Activities (ASA) - 1971-1972) - Washington, DC   I was the ASA Journalist who ran the radio station (WASA) and newspaper (ASA Sometimes). I would like to thank all the volunteers who kept the radio station going all-day, everyday during Summer Support. I'd also like to thank the Seabees who helped me with the artwork and cartoon masthead for the "Sometimes." They deserve the full credit for bringing bits of home to all the guys on the Ice. Thanks to Jorge Raviero, Jack Frost and Andy Anderson who made such interesting stories published back home. My deepest thanks and since appreciation to Capt. Eugene Van Reeth and the late Commander Robert "Bouncing Bobby" Balchunus, the best CO and XO anyone could ever have. Also thanks to the galley crew for giving us the best food in the Navy. I can't remember all your names, but for Al Bray and Don Jackson, you were the best shipmates and friends I ever had.

James B Wilbur (Jim - MCBU201 - 1965-66) - Spanish Fork, Utah  


Alan Chandler (Byrd VLF Substation Longwire - 1969, Summer 68, all 1969 and summer of 1970. Summer 1971 McMurdo) -  Woodinville WA -  

Chuck Davidson (Byrd Surface Camp, McMurdo - Byrd 88-89 McMurdo 95-96) - Mt. Pleasant, SC  Have very fond memories of my Byrd Surface Camp summer over in 88-89 and the W/O in McTown in 95-96.

Rober Lynn Dix (McMurdo Byrd Surface Camp 1971) - Nicholasville, KY  I was a radioman at McMurdo in 1971-1972 and helped to establish the first Byrd Surface Camp in 1972-1973

Kellie Justesen EO (Byrd Surface Camp - 1990-1991) - Virginia  - Great memories of Byrd and Mac town.

Memories of Antarctica

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