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Operation Deep Freeze
77°50.88'S    166°40.10'E

1955 / 1958
Pictures of McMurdo

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Operation Deep Freeze

Trying to find... To use this option, fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page, but include your own name and email as a contact, requests kept online approx. 2 years.

I'm sure I did this already... every now and then I send out emails, a proportion of these bounce back as "not found", often because it was a former work email or an ISP that no longer exists, as there is no longer any way to make contact I delete the record to keep things as current as I can.

I am the granddaughter of Richard L Penney who may have been on Operation Deep Freeze IV (1957). I'm looking for anyone who may have known him, since he died when I was 7. I just wanted to learn more about him. Thanks! Samantha Penney, Houston   Dec '15

My dad,
Clifford Eugene Baker, was in Antarctica as part of Operation Deep Freeze III (57-58). Baker Ridge is named after him. Is there anyone around who could explain how or why that came to be? He recently passed away and we've (my husband and I) learned more about Operation Deep Freeze more in the time since than we ever did while he was alive. We have a lot of pictures we would like to share with those who are interested. We also have at least one other question. He had a stein with the Operation Deep Freeze Puckered Penguin logo and near the rim of the stein was the word Tanodi. He also had a tattoo with the word Tanodi. We've googled that word/name and found no USN reference to it. Was this by chance his nickname? Cheryl Dellinger   March '15

I have a silver coin from operation deep freeze 1957- 1958 with three initials on it between the USN and IGY on the coin. Would any one have a manifesto of the people who were there at that time? Thanks, Dave, -  - Rochester NY USA  Feb '16

Tom Baxa (1955-1956) - Barefoot Bay Fl.    

Neal Bicknese (Bick) - (WO DF1 DF60/61 DF63/64) - Casper, Wyo Full Time RV    I Wintered over all three times at McMurdo although I Spent the Summer a Byrd station in 63, Married my Wife of 52 Years in Sydney Aust. on the way home from DF1 Met her in CHCH On the way down.

John C.Burritt (1958-59) - Fleming Is. FL   I was a Navy helicopter pilot on the USCSC Northwind for Deep Freeze IV in 1958 - 1959. We departed Port Lyttleton, NZ for McMurdo, escorting and cutting channels in the ice for supply ships going to McMurdo. One of the most interesting helo trips was taking Sir Raymond Priestley out to Hut Point to see Shackleton's and Scott's huts. We were able to go into Shackleton's hut. It was like going into a shrine. No one touched anything, we just left our name, outfit, and date on a piece of paper stuck on the wall. We were enthralled with Shackleton's stories of how it had taken him a week dogsleding to get to the hut. He was enthralled with the fact that we covered the same ground by air in about 20 minutes."

Campbell UD2 (Cape  Adare - 1957/58) - Pa  Looking  for men servicing during  DeepFreeze Operation II. I was stationed at Cape Adare and was on the ship Arneb when it was caught in the ice.

Roy Cloutier (Operation Deep Freeze Year/s 1961-1962) - Upstate New York  Wintered over McMurdo Sound. Was in 1st class hut near the Chapel. Was then transferred to RM Advanced School in Bainbridge Maryland. Worked at the Radio center up the hill below the transmitter location. I just watched a new movie out about Antarctica. Could not believe the buildings and McMurdo Station?  What happened to the Quonset Huts we lived in? It sure brought back many memories..

Gregory P Dowd (VX 6 Det Little America V, 1957-1958) - Easton USA -   Deepfreeze III, wintered over. Flew the Otter and the R4d-5. Assigned as squadron photo officer.

Mike Eldred  - Wilmington, VT - "Operation Deep Freeze" historical blog, featuring photographs taken between 1961 and 1963, over the course of two different Operation Deep Freeze missions.  The blog includes photos of wildlife, military operations, Coast Guard and Naval vessels, as well as historic photographs of McMurdo Station taken less than a decade after the research station was established.

Bill Fisher - McMurdo (1957-58) - Kalamazoo, Mi    A great year to winter over. I was US Navy Radioman. Vivian (Bunny) Fuchs was knighted for his Antarctic crossing and I believe Sir Edmund Hillary presented Her Majesty's knighthood to him (flew in from Christchurch, did not winter over. My big, big boss was USN Admiral DuFeck. Turned 21 yrs while there. I was responsible for "cutting" teletype tapes for transmission later. I sincerely apologize to Sir Vivian Fuchs and ADM Dufeck for any typo's.

Trevor Grice (OP deep freeze Christchurch - 1967 to 1987) - Christchurch TF 06 364311  Secured a deck mounted generator for the Glacier which enabled the ship to complete its mission, before it was razor blades. When they returned to Christchurch under the command of Capt. Dick Taylor we put up a sign on the wharf which stated 'Its not sinbad the sailor, it is Taylor the sailor" to their great joy, They were wonderful years and i have lots of memories of other incidents. Warmest. Trevor Grice

Bill Miles (1963) - Woods Cross Utah -   Operation Deep Freeze I believe He (Bill Miles, my half uncle) was with Admiral Byrd's second expedition to the South Pole.

Joe Morrow (1958) - USS Atkauss atka, currently Mineola, Tx

Thomas J. Stearns (Deep Freeze 1968) - Cleveland, Mn. 56017  Hut mates were: Downs, Holland, Bostwick, Cloer, Keilty, Konkel, McIntyre, Pogue, Rudloff, Simonton, Thomas, Wade, Meyer, Powell, Hanson & Fine.

David Sweet (USS Arneb AKA-56, 59-60, 60-61)   - The Villages FL. As an 18 year old kid, I joined the Navy to see the world....and I did!

Ron Tisue (1959) - Cincinnati, Ohio    Interested in finding others who were wintering over during Operation Deep Freeze IV.

Pat B. Unger (Little America V - 1957) - USA, Melbourne Fla  Med officer la v IGY Deepfreeze2. I also have photos of Unger island (I am an eponym)

I have come into possession of hand written letters from 1956-57 from key personnel involved in project "DEEP FREEZE". These are personal letters to loved ones. My goal is to return the letters to surviving family members. Please contact me for more details. Thank you. Lt.John C. Mosley U.S.Army


The kitchen "tent" at McMurdo in 1955 where the food was prepared for our crew that was constructing the base during Deep Freeze 1. Everyone ate outside sitting on crates etc. during the initial stages. I slept in a tent near to Scott's Hut Point building.
Picture courtesy Ken Meyer (PH1-USNavy 53-58 MSgt USAF Ret. 58-73

U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker "Eastwind".
One of the icebreakers used by Operation Deep Freeze  in 1955-56
Photo US Navy - NSF

Aerial view looking Southerly toward McMurdo Base that was being constructed at the base of Mt. Discovery during Deep Freeze 1 about Dec. 1955 . The faint dark triangle from the ice edge is the two tractor trails that led from the cargo ships to the base. The air strip runway is to far right near top of picture.
Picture courtesy Ken Meyer (PH1-USNavy 53-58 MSgt USAF Ret. 58-73

Aerial view of the Williams Air facility (Now McMurdo Station) in 1957
Official US Navy Photo - NSF

Two U.S. Navy Yard Oiler Ships (YOG) frozen into the annual sea-ice at McMurdo in 1956. These were used as fuel storage facilities while the base was being built
Photo - Commander Jim Waldron USNR (Retired) - NSF

McMurdo Base and Observation Hill in November 2006
Photo: Gaelen Marsden, Creative commons licence

McMurdo Base in November 2006 from the top of Observation Hill
Photo: Gaelen Marsden, Creative commons licence

Memories of Antarctica

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