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OAE's - McMurdo Base
77°50.88'S 166°40.10'E
occupied since 1955

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Pictures of McMurdo

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McMurdo Base on November 30th 2008
This is a Gigapan image- a panoramic picture made up of multiple images from a digital camera stitched together. Click on the image to pop out a window that you can zoom around.
Image used courtesy of Ross Swick.
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McMurdo Base

Trying to find... To use this option, fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page, but include your own name and email as a contact, requests kept online approx. 2 years.

I'm sure I did this already... every now and then I send out emails, a proportion of these bounce back as "not found", often because it was a former work email or an ISP that no longer exists, as there is no longer any way to make contact I delete the record to keep things as current as I can.


Robin Ardalan (1987-1988) - Grants Pass  Looking for past co workers and friends.. A yearbook from this time and maybe memorabilia too. I lost my home to a fire and this was an amazing time in my life I would like to replace some memories.

Earl K. Austin (1980-1981) - Juneau Alaska  Hello friends my number is 907-635-1500.

Kara Barnes (1988, 1989, 1990 - 91) - Sacramento, CA  email  I worked in the personnel office for NSFA. I was a PN3 and spent 3 summers in Antarctica.

Bruce L. Beardsley , Radioman, "BB"  (1980-85) - Loveland, Colorado  Worked the Message Center, Savin Copier and Teletypewriter Repair, Mars shack Manager/Operator for three seasons, Winfly 82, 83, 84. Assisted in Homeport 85 prior to transferring in Dec. Met a lot of good people, Military and Civilian alike. Wouldn't have missed it for the world. Would love to go back again..

Steve "Torch" Benbrook (1981) - Mesquite, Texas USA     W/O 1981

Dennis Bode (McMurdo Transmitter Site - Winter-Over 1980-81) - Orlando, FL  

Bernie Brown (82-84) - Arlington VA   Radioman, Worked the Message Center, Mars shack Operator Wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Kimberly Brown (1986 -1987) - Denver, Colorado    Winter Over Crew 1986-1987. I worked as a Draftsperson, Construction Coordinator, Electricians Helper, and SAR Team member. Hello to all that the adventurous souls who wintered over! I still remember the winter-over softball games, trips to Black Island, and weekend trips to the Ski Chalet.

Craig Bush (EO2) (1983-1984 (w/o)) - Crestwood KY   OAEA is scheduling a bi-annual reunion in Houston TX in Nov 2010. Any winter-overs from 83/84 drop me a line. Hope to see you there!

Kevin Call (1979-1982) - San Diego  I would enjoy contacting other OAEs that I served with there from 79 to 82.

Bruce Cansler (1981-82) -  CM2 with 1982 27th Winter Over crew. Worked in transportation

Joe Cmor (ET1(SW)) - (1984) - Darien, New York, USA    Wintered-Over 1984. Retired from U.S. Navy 1994. Lives and works near Buffalo, N.Y.

Larry Crayne (1984) - Clovis Ca   AG1 meteorologist in charge winter over 1984

Gene Crain (1980-1981) - Nilwood Illinois -    Retired

Kim W Davis PO First Class  (1976-1981) - Stuart, FL -   Served as Field Party Shop Supervisor (HF Radio), AFAN Radio and Television Engineer, SAR Radio Technician, NNN0USV Radio Operator, Traveled the continent establishing HF Radio at Research locations, including S Pole, Palmer Station, Dome Charlie, Dry Valleys, Siple Station, RISP, and many others locations.

M. Davis (McM / Siple /Willy / Byrd / SP - 79/80 80/81 81/82 91 thru 96) - Vanc, WA   Construction Electrical Foreman for: Holmes & Narver / ITT / ASA

L. Dennis (87/88) - KY   Best time spent in the Navy

Chris Derby (McMurdo/VXE-6 - 1989-1992) - Jacksonville, Florida   Further comments: Still miss it to this day...The best flyin' I ever did...

Diane Dugger (1987 and 1988) - New Vernon, NJ, USA  My life certainly changed because of my experience down there. I hope I can contact Lisa Federoff, Kathryn Price, Dawn Prchlik and Ann Davis. So glad to see this website!

Mikell D. Dyer, "Mike / Chap" (1993/94) - Pomaria, SC, USA  I was the only US Navy Data Processing Tech. (First Class) supporting all the PC and Mainframe computers with he help of a junior Petty Officer. I got the nickname of "CHAPS" because I was the Lay Minister that preached each Sunday and held a bible study. What a GREAT time !!!! However, I missed the birth of my only child on 12/10/1993. But, everything worked out for the best. I would go back again if asked :)

Randy Edgerly (1988) - Ballston Spa, New York    Looking for SW2 Paul Dunstan

Larry Estes "Sweet Pea" (McMurdo 1980-81) - North Richland Hills, Texas  Wintered over during the 80-81 season. One of the best thing God allowed me to do and see. Took a ton of slides, wish I could get them all digitized.

Robert Felix (1986-1987 winter over) - Al Udeid, Qatar   

Clark Ferguson (Winter Over 1981 McMurdo WD Plant) -  BT2 W/O 1981 at the Water Distillation Plant (WD Plant) and worked with the outside plumbing crew.

Rita Garland (1988-1989) - Christchurch New Zealand    Worked as barber at McMurdo and Williams Field .

John Gasperetti (1974-1974, 1982-1984) - Renton, Washington  email  I was stationed with the Seabees during the 1974-75 and 1982-1984 summer seasons. I ran the bake shop in the evening and would like to get in contact with all others that were there during that time frame. Great times, great people and of course great parties! My daughter actually went there a few years back working for Raytheon, had a great experience.

Jeff Gaudette (1987-1988) - Onaway MI USA  

Bill Graney (1979-1983) - Simi Valley, CA

William Bill T Gunn Jr (NSF Antarctica Year/s 86-87) - Tennessee USA  Coming up on 30 years since I wintered over, would do it again in a heartbeat! ET1, 200 Degree Club, first married couple to w/o, met SecNav, signed the OPS Hill log book, went skydiving in New Zealand, slept on the ice at Williams field, bartender, rock and roll radio broadcaster, and all around good guy. Pictures, stories, etc. for trade.

Tim Henley (McMurdo Station winter over 84 / 85) - Norfolk Va -   Send me back!!!

Andy Holesha (1986, 2005) - Biloxi, Mississippi, USA.  

Ed Holton (1987 - 1991) - Douglas, AZ, USA. NSFA Medical. email  I was Leading Petty Officer of NSFA Medical from 1987 through 1991 and made 4 deployments. My last time was spent as the Senior Medical Dept. rep in Christchurch. I would like to hear from any shipmates that were there at that time, as well as any current personnel of McMurdo medical. I was the last Navy X-Ray Tech permanently assigned to NSFA Summer Support.

Scott Hudson aka Napier Waggon (1987-1989) - Baghdad, Iraq    1987-1989 at McMurdo was a magical time with some of the best people I have ever known in my travels.

RM Charlie Johnson (Winter Over 80-81) - Mt Clemens Michigan  The best Radioman gang in the World... Thanks Don and Chief

Mike Johnson (82/83 - WO) - Milwaukee, WI    USN-Retired MR1(SW) 1983 W/O crew. Arrived 10/5/1982, departed 10/5/1983. Worked for the Seebee's Transportation Dept. as the assigned machinist. Would love to hear from anyone who was stationed at McMurdo during this time.

Peter van Kampen (PvK) (1990) - Switzerland   Down on the ice with the Kiwi Huey team Nov-Dec 1990. Actually trying to find "Mouse" the photographer from VXE-6 and Pt Mugu...

Joseph M Kopin (1988) -

Greg Laubert PR2 (1984 - 86) - Mays Landing NJ   Came to the ice 84-95 season, the rest spent in Chch. I loved it all!

Kenneth Leckie (McMurdo, Christchurch, 81 - 83) - Fort Smith, AR   I was a Builder with summer support. I Loved it, would like to go back in a heartbeat.

Tim Leistico (South Pole '80 / McMurdo '82 / Williams Fld Year/s 80-85) - Oakland CA   Nice to find this site.

Jesus Lozano (W/O 87/88) - San Antonio, TX USA   33rd W/O. Had a great time with everyone down there, would like to know if anyone has pictures of me flying my kite, at midway point , between McMurdo and Williams Field, during Fuel transfer?

Dennis McMaster (Williams Field and McMurdo, 1987) - Tularosa, New Mexico -   Winter over

Mike Mullen (NFSA McMurdo USCGC Glacier, 1980-84) - Grand Prairie, Texas  Best tour of duty during 23 years of Naval Service. Many memories and long lasting friends due to this assignment. It was great being a Navy Photographer assigned to NFSA. It was almost like being on a 4 year vacation.

Dave Olsen (1986,87,88,89) - Basom, NY  email  NavPolarOceanCom ice observer, also worked aboard M/V Greenwave

Mike Osterhouse (1983, 1997, 1998) - Elizabeth City, NC    Worked in the weather office

R. McCurdy RMCS USN Ret. (McMurdo Sta Communications Crew - W/O 81) - Chambersburg, Pa.  Loved the ice and great people.

Rodney "TJ" Petrin Jr (1981 - 1986) - Sunapee, NH -   Served Summer Support from 1981-1986. One season Winter Fly in, one season as Homeport Representative and a half season as liaison in Christchurch, NZ.

Kurt Pitz (McMurdo, Willy Field, South Pole Stations - 1987-90) - New Providence PA -  Summer Support for two years, home port rep my last year.  Spent first season in Mactown as FM Radio Comm Tech, second season spent time at Willy and South Pole as Radar Technician, also was at Byrd Surface camp for repairs.  Love to touch base with any other folks from my time.

Karen Roberts Francis (1981-82) - Georgetown TX   I was a Hospital Corpsman at McMurdo Clinic from Sep 81-Feb 82. Retired from USNR as HMC and from my "civvie" job in Sep 2015. McMurdo was the best adventure ever and I'd go back in a heartbeat. Would love to chat with anyone from that time period.

Mark Ross (83-84) - Mt Orab Ohio  Winter over 1983/84 RM2, currently retired RMC

Jeff Rozlog (88-89 and 91-92 winter) - Beach City Ohio  

Dawn Shook (1987-1990) - Virginia   - Ensign

Thomas L. R. Smith (McMurdo Station & Port Hueme - 1987-1989) - Olympia, WA   US Army Captain assigned to NSFA Terminal Operations. Made two deployments to the Ice. Retired from the Army 1998 as a Major.

Gene Starks (w/o 1987,1988,1990 and 1991) - Sacramento Ca.    Miss the Ice a lot tried to return several times but due to heart disease that's not possible, remember building the dorms 207and206, dismantling several T-5s, jamesways, working on installing the rolling overhead doors in the heavyshop, may other construction projects, trips to Black Island, and the dry valleys. John Cummings, C.J. Ringlieb, Nate Sheldon and myself were the first to work back to back winters, now I see its common. First winter was the hardest but also the most memorable. Oh yeah hello to Al Martin, and Kim Brown.

Barry Swierczewski (McMurdo, Williams Field, Byrd, Siple, South Pole, winter over 1981) - USA  

David Taber (1985-1986) - Hesperia, California   Looking for old mates

Jim Terrace (1983) - Madison Ohio -  Would like to hear from old friends, please reply.

Liana (Lee Ann) Turner - Willy Field II, Willy III, McMurdo, Black Island (1984) - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

JohnV ('87 - '91) - Seattle   Radioman Summer team '87 - '91

Peter Vossenberg
(McMurdo and Amundsen Scott South Pole Station - 1982) - Orlando Florida -   Winter over at McMurdo and in 1986 Winter over at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. I was the cook baker during both winter overs.

Wayne Woollard (Sarge) (1988-90, McMurdo, Port Huneme) - Shaw AFB Sumter SC  

McMurdo Base and Observation Hill in November 2006
Photo: Gaelen Marsden, Creative commons licence

McMurdo Base in November 2006 from the top of Observation Hill
Photo: Gaelen Marsden, Creative commons licence


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