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Puckered Penguins
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Trying to find... To use this option, fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page, but include your own name and email as a contact, requests kept online approx. 2 years.

I'm sure I did this already... every now and then I send out emails, a proportion of these bounce back as "not found", often because it was a former work email or an ISP that no longer exists, as there is no longer any way to make contact I delete the record to keep things as current as I can.

Robert Kirk (Pigmy) Hyndman (VX-6,VC-5,VXE-6,VA-95,LHA-5,VA-115 - 1963-1995) - Kingsville, Texas    (VX-6 1963-1967 VXE-6 1971-1975) 31years Navy. Retired AFCM in 1995.


Mary Amerson (Bolner) - St. Petersburg Fl    I was in VXE-6 for DF81 as an AZAA - AZ3.  Loved the ice - spent it all at McMurdo in Maintenance Admin.  Only did one deployment but I'll never forget it!  I've given lectures at a few schools about my time there and what it was like.  Awesome!

Earl K. Austin (1980-1981) - Juneau, Alaska  I cant wait until the next reunion, My phone number is  1-907-635-1500

Glenn Bacon (1983-1986) - Asheville NC -   Flight Surgeon, Pararescue Team.

Mark A Balue the Penguin painter (1979-1981) - Stanton   Worked line Maint. on the ice and corrosion control in Ch-Ch. Painted Penguin's on Aircraft and hit all visiting A/C that parked over night. MAB 80/81. Below them. I notice they did repaints and keep the Penguin on the nose.

Kara Barnes (Summer Support 1988, 1989, 1990) - Sacramento, CA  

Howard Bates (VXE-6, Helo's - 86-90) -   Plano, Texas

Allen Biggs (VXE-6, 1979 thru 1982) -  Candler NC 28715  

Belinda Flanary Brown (1989, returned 1995) - Spokane/Washington   Would love to hear from anyone who knows my husband Russ Brown or myself.

Roger Bridges (1989 - 1991) - USA   Looking for Rexo, and all friends.

Charlie Burton (VXE6, 1980-82) - Virginia -    I served with VXE-6 as a parachute rigger during the 1980-81 and 1981-82 summer seasons. The paraloft was right by the water as was operations in McMurdo.

Daniel (Doc) DuBois (1987 - 1990) - Kaneohe HI,  HM2/1 stationed with VXE-6 

Mark Dahl (VXE-6 - 1979-1983) - Ventura, CA.  

Robert Doc Dobie Le Van (VXE6 Helos, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1985) - Arizona   Enjoyed the ICE, was even looking into going down recently doing work. Favorite stories of life came from the ICE. Outlying camps were the best. Beardmore, NVL, Ellsworth Darwin Glacier, miss the banana sleds .

Mike "Bubba Drewski" Drew (1978-82) - Redondo Beach, Ca.   

Lee Gerardi (VXE 6 Helos - 1984-1987) - Cookeville TN   

Manuel Gomez aka  GOGO (84-87) - Silverdale WA  Worked in the puzzel palace GSE Shop yellow gear.

Ernie Grenz (1982-1985) - Gilbert, Az.

Dana Byron Harvill (1980-1984) - Cameron Park, Ca.   I wish I could find Dennis Ulliberri, my chief of AME shop

Gary D. Heaton (1979-1983) - Carson City, NV  Was an ABH1 while in VXE-6 and was a loadmaster.  Got orders to Rota, Spain and was really glad I got my loadmaster training in VXE-6.

Bill Hicks (1986-1990) - Kathleen Ga.   Had a great time on the ice wish I could do it again. met my wife of 22 years there and we have two great kids.

Susan Hubbard (VXE 6 - 86-87) - Poulsbo USA  

Larry Johnson AD2 (80-84) - Phoenix Arizona,  

Kim Langley (78-82) - Winter Garden Fl  VXE-6 power plants / Para Rescue. Made a jump at McMurdo and a few extra days camping when caught by a white out. Great time on the ice and CHICHI.

Greg Laubert (VXE6 - 1984-86) - Mays Landing NJ -   84-85 worked as PR at McMurdo then worked in Chch until October 86. Loved it all!

Allen Libby (1980-1983) - Port Charlotte, Florida, 

Nelson Locke ('84 - '87) - Lathrop CA,  

James R Marlow PR USN Ret (1986-89) - Elberta Alabama USA  Looking for James Marispini (Spini) OAE 1986-92

Kent B Marshall (1977-1981) - Melbourne  GSE. ASM Lots of great memories.

Mary (1981) - St. Petersburg Fl    Did one tour and loved it!

Shaun Mac McNamara (1982-1985) - Amsterdam NY   Was in the Helo Div...Crazy bike riders...everyone was hurt the summer of 83 or 84 riding bikes in the cally canyons. Hated the ICE but I think I would love it now. Looking for Jimmy Morales, Clarke from NYC, Fergie, and anyone from The great HELO div 82-85!

Rick McWhirter (1978-1982) - Abilene Texas   Had a lot of good times and made s lot of life long friends.

Rick Morales (1979 to 1984) - Los Angeles, CA. USA  Worked at Willy Field as an AE on C-130's and also served on the Para Rescue Team during 2 of my 4 deployments down to the ice. I spent half of my time in Christchurch during two of those deployments.

Larry Neureither (1979-1981) - Simsbury, CT  Served as the dental officer for 2 deployments. Was there for the DC 10 crash my first year. Lots of good people and memories.

David Nicholson (1982-1984) - Tampa, Florida   AD2 worked in the LC130R Rolls Royce Engines assigned to the Engine shop with VX-E6 PMTC Point Mugu

HMC Dennis Overley (1985-1989) - Hanford California

Mike Raitt (1978-1982) - Pine Knot, Ky,  Made four trips to the Ice. Lived and worked on the strip.

Mike Ranum (84-88) - San Antonio, Tx.    Loved the all u can eat King crab legs every weekend on the ice, loved Christchurch for other reasons!!!!

B J (Suppo) Richardson (1988-1990) - Woodbridge, Virginia  Loved my time on the ICE and with the Squadron.  Long live 321!!!

Ray Schneckloth (1986-1989) - Billings, MT,  

Rebecca Shea (1989- 1992) - Michigan    I never thought I would miss those days - but alas here I am!

Ivan Silva - Colombo (Mc Murdo station- VXE-6 - 79,80,81,82...summers) - Longwood, Fl. -  Any fellow VXE-6, Kiwis or USARPS....would love to reconnect.

Doug Smardz (1983-1984) - Fredonia, NY   - Looking to find Charlie Kitts (ABH2) if anyone can help!!

Bruce "Cheeseater" Smith (1981, 1982) - Battle Ground, WA   A sad day today with the loss of life in ChCh and destruction of the Cathedral due to the earthquake. Prayers go out to all affected - 22nd Feb 2011.

Bruce M. Thompson (1983-1986 - VXE6 Point Mc Gue) - Temple city.   

Robert Tuttell (VXE6, 1983-1986) - North Carolina -   LC-130 pilot and LC-130 Flight Officer in VXE-6 Operations. I really enjoyed the flying and the  people I met in the squadron, on THE ICE and in CHCH.  

Robert R Vinas (1977-1981 & 1984-1988) - Drummonds TN  US Navy Retired

This page - 1980's - 1960's  1970's  1990's


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