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Signy Gallery - Base H - Thumbnails 5

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We had to make our own entertainment in them days

Terrestrial Biologist on the Back Slope

Cook Under Observation

Very Cold Mutt Hoping for Scraps

Very Grubby and Full Mutt

Mutt does Pirate Impression

Feeding Time - Hopefully

Fid Captures Genetic Variant of Mutt

If you don't behave yourself, you'll get the same treatment!

Maybe I'll just ring them as usual from now on..

Ginge - the Signy Cat

Portrait of a Honorary Fid

Ginge the Signy Cat, Practices Cat Skills

Signy cat makes good use of BAS issue jumper

Peter Tilbrook and Alf Amphlett with husky pups - 1963

Husky has a bad trip in the psychedelic sixties

C.D. (Cecil) Scotland and pups at Base H, Signy Island - 1956-57

More 'dog training' with Doug Bridger and Dave Statham, April 1957
 - top of Moraine Valley

Dogs outside the base

Dog training on the shoreline near base, April 1957

Peter Hobbs and pups 1962

Fid and Friend

Derek S (?) and dog

Taking the dog team for exercise

Running with the dogs across sea-ice

Approaching North Point with dog team

Big lads - huskies!

Fid and dog

Dog training, Jim Young and the "Girls Team" 1959
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