Pictures of Antarctica
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Signy Gallery - Base H - Thumbnails 3

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Winter in Antarctica

Summer from the Bluffs

Summer Storm

Tonsberg House in Winter

Tonsberg House Whale Capture Record

Early Summer - Near Midnight

The Base in Winter from Coronation Island

Base in winter, Sea-Ice Forms

The Ice Breaks Up

Looking Towards Jane Peak

The Base in 2003

Modern Base From Sea Level

Orwell Whaling Factory Ship 1925

The Orwell Factory Whaler

Orwell in Borge Bay 1925

Old John Biscoe aground in Factory Cove, Borge Bay - 1953

Kista Dan

Shackleton tied up off Berntsen Point Signy

Shackleton at Signy Island - 1965

Perla Dan off Signy Island - 1969-70

John Biscoe Sea-Ice Relief

Shackleton and John Biscoe off Signy

Base H, Signy Island - R.R.S. Shackleton at mooring

Kista Dan En Route to Antarctica

RRS Shackleton at Anchor off Signy

Sea Ice Relief November 1972

Sea Ice Relief November 1972

RRS Bransfield in Heavy Seas

Ploughing Through the Southern Ocean

Bransfield at Anchor off Signy
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