© P. Ward - picture taken 1985 / 86

Starting at 9 o'clock and going clockwise around this picture of the 1986 Midwinter's presents, spiralling to the middle:

Model of inflatable boat made of wetsuit neoprene | Scale model of the base and surroundings in hardwood | Whalebone map of Signy on hardwood background | Frame containing whalebone Signy map and marquetry shag | Map of South Orkneys in copper | Mounted penguin skeleton in case | Metal welded skidoo model | Scale model of Nansen sledge | Antarctic scene in a bottle | Signopoly with marquetry board | Marquetry Signy map | 3 framed pictures, middle one with whalebone inlay | Framed water colour painting | 3-D camp scene and hardwood Signy map.

There are also 4 few booby-prizes each of them in whalebone and hardwood that tended to remain on base.

Everyone on base would make a present of some description almost invariably with an Antarctic theme and using hardwood as we had on base and/or whalebone which was reasonably abundant (if very difficult to work with) around Signy. The standard of craftsmanship was somewhat variable!

The presents would be wrapped (usually in giant boxes so you couldn't guess what was in them), then starting with the youngest base member, winterers would take it in turns to choose one and see what it was they received. If you were lucky you got a good one, if you weren't you got one you didn't think much of and which (maybe thankfully) fell to bits in a short time.

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This picture is one of a collection assembled in 2007 on the 60th anniversary of Signy Island Base: 60°43'S 045°36'W. Thank you to those who sent their treasured memories of their time in Antarctica and allowed them to be made into a commemorative cd and then placed here on the web.

The reunion weekend was 14-16 September 2007.