Pictures of Antarctica
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McMurdo Station Antarctica - Thumbnails 3

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View of McMurdo Station - 2

View of McMurdo Station - 3

View of McMurdo Station - 4

Ob Hill - 1

Ob Hill - 2

The road to Scott Base from McMurdo

Castle Rock and Mount Erebus

Sea Ice and Royal Society range

Sea Ice and Mount Discovery

White Island

Scott Base, with pressure ridge and Ross Ice Shelf beyond - 1

Scott Base, with pressure ridge and Ross Ice Shelf beyond - 2

Mount Terror in the distance

The Memorial Cross

The Memorial Cross, with McMurdo beyond

McMurdo Station, as seen on the descent

The Royal Society Range

The road to Scott Base, Castle Rock, and Mount Erebus

Looking up at Obb Hill while on the descent, a Kiwi has made it to the summit

Building 170, Hazardous Waste Facility

View from the Carpenters Shop

Hut Point, the Royal Society Range

The T-site - transmitter site

View from the road to the T-site

Arrival of a C17 on the sea ice runway

Mount Erebus, as seen from Arrival Heights

Ob Hill, as seen from Arrival Heights

On Arrival Heights - 1

On Arrival Heights - 2

McMurdo Station and Ob Hill,
as seen from Arrival Heights - 1

These pictures published courtesy of Alan Light - These pictures are in the public domain.

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