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McMurdo Station Antarctica - Winter 2009 - Thumbnails 1

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Going to McMurdo

Cargo door opens

We're in Antarctica! - Whoo Hoo!

 - stay calm, I don't think anyone heard.

Mount Erebus puffing gently in the distance

McMurdo base seen from the Sea Ice with Observation Hill in the background

A dive hole cut in the ice with a hut over the top of it. Lit from below for eerie effect.

Dive hole cut through the ice - more conventional, less spooky lighting

The dive hut

McMurdo lit by the setting sun

Station Buildings

McMurdo Base by the shore, Scott's Hut in Background Mid Left

Looking across the sea-ice from McMurdo to the Royal Society Mountain Range

Warming Buildings up for the Summer

Clearing the ice runway


Airport Buildings on the Sea Ice and the Royal Society Range

Snow wave breaking

Sunset 2

Accommodation block, empty now but soon to be filled with summer staff

Sunset towards Scott's Hut

Portable Airport Radome
Observation Hill and memorial cross, the view from Building 87
Snow-filled Electrical Panel
Vince's Cross and Nacreous Clouds
Vince's Cross
Vince's Cross
A heavy snow blower re-fuelling
Mount Discovery and Brown Peninsula
Inverted Footprints
The Royal Society Range seen across the Sea-Ice runway

Raised Footprints - How does this Happen?

These pictures published courtesy of Alan Light - These pictures are in the public domain.

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