Pictures of Antarctica
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Early Sunset at Hut Point
McMurdo Antarctica - Winter
McMurdo Station - Antarctica

This was pretty freaky when I saw it. There is no sense of scale in Antarctica, and looking out across the sea ice we can see mountains over thirty miles away, but they seem much closer - and here it was night in McMurdo, but still daylight in the distance, and the difference between day and night was visible before us. It was in fact a bit darker than these photos with their long exposures suggest, so the effect was quite striking - it is night mostly, but one corner of the sky is still daylight. The long exposures also played havoc with images of steam rising from the power plant. In fact there were streams of steam swirling all around, but the long exposure simply makes it look like a blob.

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This picture published courtesy of Alan Light - This picture is in the public domain.
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