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The Water Plant - 1
McMurdo Station - Antarctica

The water plant. The water plant uses reverse osmosis to desalinate sea water. It must also heat the sea water, as it is about 28 F (4 degrees Fahrenheit below freezing).

There are two RO (reverse osmosis) filter set ups. They are just enough to provide water for McMurdo at peak capacity. Each can process about 40,000 gallons of water per 24 hours, for a total capacity of 80,000 gallons for up to 1200 people - about 67 gallons per person per day.

There was formerly a third RO setup, but it is out of order. There are plans to install another in the power plant, so that either power plant OR water plant can provide sufficient water and power for McMurdo in the case of total failure of one plant or the other. Not a bad plan, but the plants are next door to each other - a little more separation might be in order. The RO (reverse osmosis) setup.

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This picture published courtesy of Alan Light - This picture is in the public domain.
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