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South! by Sir Ernest Shackleton

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Sea Elephants on South Georgia
Sea Elephants or Elephant Seals are common on this island and were the target of commercial sealing for many years. About half the world's population lives on or around South Georgia.


The Cliffs we Descended Whilst Crossing the Island
Shackleton , Crean and Worsley set off to cross the Island of South Georgia, they had landed on the wrong side to the whaling stations and were the first people ever to attempt such a crossing.

One of the Glaciers we Crossed

A Typical View in South Georgia

Rough Memory Map of Route Across South Georgia
Drawn after arrival in Stromness whaling station

Panorama of South Georgia
Sometimes known as "The Alps in Mid Ocean" South Georgia is a very ruggedly beautiful plave.

The Yelcho
A Chilean steamer that rescued the rest of the crew from Elephant Island, the was the fourth attempt that Shackleton had made to reach his stranded men.

Arrival at Punta Arenas With the Rescued Men
On arrival in Chile, the crew of the Endurance became celebrities and crowds gathered to see them.

Frank Wild, Second in Command in the Expedition

Our Dugout
Digging a shelter in a snow bank on Elephant Island

The Hut on Elephant Island
For the men awaiting rescue on Elephant Island, home was the two remaining lifeboats upturned and laid side by side, twenty two men lived like semi-frozen sardines within its cramped, dark interior.

View of the Interior of Hut on Elephant Island
Composite photograph and drawing of the "Snuggery" or the "Sty". Inside measurements: 18 feet by 9 feet by 5 feet at its highest point. Twenty-two men lived in this hut on two levels for four and a half months.

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