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South! by Sir Ernest Shackleton

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Preface  Chapters: I. Into the Weddell Sea | II. New Land | III. Winter Months | IV. Loss of the Endurance | V. Ocean Camp | VI. The March Between | VII. Patience Camp | VIII. Escape From the Ice | IX. The Boat Journey | X. Across South Georgia | XI. The Rescue | XII. Elephant Island | XIII. The Ross Sea Party | XIV. Wintering in McMurdo Sound | XV. Laying the Depots | XVI. The Aurora's Drift | XVII. The Last Relief | XVIII. The Final Phase
Appendix 1: Scientific Work | Sea-Ice Nomenclature | Meteorology | Physics | South Atlantic Whales and Whaling
Appendix 2: The Expedition Huts at McMurdo Sound Pictures: page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4 | page 5 | page 6
Summary (4 pages) of the Trans Antarctic Expedition | Selected pictures at higher quality

The Beginning of the End
Gripped by the ice, the Endurance begins to be overwhelmed, tilting over at a crazy angle.

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Endurance, The Greatest Adventure Story Ever Told.
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South with Endurance: Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917
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Ernest Shackleton, Irish Antarctic Explorer
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The Beginning of the End

The Endurance is gripped by the ice and is tilted over before being crushed

The Agony of The Endurance
Dogs at rest beside the crushed and soon to be sunk Endurance

Explorer Ernest Shackleton's Ship "Endurance" Trapped and Slowly Crushed by Ice in Weddell Sea Photographic Print
"Endurance" Trapped and Slowly
Crushed by Ice in Weddell Sea

Shackleton's Forgotten Men: The Untold Tale of an Antarctic Tragedy, The men on the Ross-Sea side of the expedition, book
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Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer
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Within a Few Seconds She Heeled Over Until She Had a List of Thirty Degrees to Post
Viewed from a different angle, it became clear that the Endurance had little time left, Shackleton and his crew would face their situation and realise they had no-one to rely on but themselves.

Almost Overwhelmed
Seen from behind a pressure ridge.

Attack of the Floes
A sketch describing how the Endurance was assaulted from all sides.

The Driving Floe Moving Laterally Across the Stern Split the Rudder and Tore out the Rudder Post and the Stern Post

The End
Endurance crushed to death by the icepacks of the Weddell Sea. The sinking ship, watched by the dogs, 1st November 1915.

A Week Later
The Endurance is completely destroyed, all that remains is for the ice to open slightly and allow her to sink into the ocean depths.

The Wreckage Lies Around in Dismal Confusion
Captain Frank Wild and the Endurance in the Weddell Sea.

The First Attempt to Reach the Land 346 Miles Away
From a drawing. The lifeboats were loaded with supplies and equipment and used as sleds, the Endurance can be seen in the distance

Ocean Camp
15th December 1915

The Lookout at Ocean Camp
The Kings flag flying

The Emergency Sledges Being Packed in Case of a Sudden Break up of the Ice
Spring was arriving and the ice floes that the crew were camping on would break up sometime and without warning, the men had to be prepared.

The Sledges Packed and Ready

Relaying the James Caird
Named after one of the sponsors of the expedition, the lifeboat James Caird was to prove vital in the task of returning the crew of the Endurance to safety.

"Potash and Perlmutter"
The nicknames given to the cook and his assistant, they were almost permanently black with the soot that came off the seal blubber used to fuel the cooking stoves.

The camps the crew made were tiny oases in a vast expanse of white nothingness.

The Kitchen at Patience Camp
This camp is where the crew stayed while waiting for the ice they were camping on to break up and allow them to continue their journey by boat, in all they stayed here three months - patiently.

The Stove at Patience Camp Constructed out of old Oil Drums
Frank Hurley, left and Ernest Shackleton, right in front of their tent.

Worsley Taking Observations of the Sun to Determine our Position
The camps were far from static and drifted as the ice drifted carrying the crew of the Endurance a considerable part of the way to Elephant Island.

We Cut Steps in the 25 Foot Slab and it Makes a Fine Lookout
An upended slab of ice pushed by the same forces and pressures that crushed the Endurance

There Was No Sleep For Us That Night so we Lit the Blubber Stove
Escaping the heavy pack ice was hazardous at night, so the boats were hauled onto ice floes which was safer, though carried the danger of the floe breaking up in the night.

Hauling up the Boats for the Night

The Reeling Berg
Not an envious place to be - on an unstable piece of ice, but with too much ice surrounding to safely launch the boats lest they be crushed or damaged by the ice around.

Sailing South Again
Out of the close pack at last and able to put up sail to make progress to Elephant Island

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